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Demo Sales has over 29 years as an industry leader in managing and executing in-store marketing events.
We are your solution for providing product sampling, brand development and consumer awareness:
Demo Sales Event Staffing provides:
Dennis Miller, Chief Executive Officer. He has established Demo Sales as one of the Southeast’s premier in-store marketing and promotions companies. He has over thirty years of executive experience in the retail grocery, wholesale food distribution, and sales & marketing industries. Dennis has served as President and Chairman of the Board for the Grocery Manufacturer Representatives (GMR), and is a member of both the National Retail Marketing Services (NARMS) and the Florida TEC association. He has also founded two other companies since purchasing Demo Sales in 1998.
Demo Sales has a strong customer relationship with a group of manufacturers and retailers. We have high industry standards and excels in program execution and has delivered the sales results consistently for the last 29 years. We are retailer focused and has the industry knowledge to manage and execute in-store marketing events.
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